Welcome to my site and blog. I named it Cloud Astronaut because that’s how I describe myself, learning en exploring more and more in the Cloud universe, because of it’s very wide technology area. Not only from a technology perspective but also from a business wise perspective, how can client business benefit from all these cloud services and win the race from its competitors.

In my years as a consultant I spoke to a lot of colleagues and clients of course. The one thing always comes to speak, is the constant journey of technology and lately this is the cloud. But cloud is not a goal but it is a way to achieve your goals. So helping clients with their strategy and technology roadmaps is something I like to do, really helping clients and help them thinking about their business in a new way, digital transformation is not just a hype, you are a part of it even if you are not aware.

I see myself as a Cloud Coach with a mission to help and support my clients and the community.

Enjoy reading my blog and please contact me if you want to brainstorm or have any questions. Cheers!

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