A new Azure logo




Old Logo (left) and New Logo (right)

Out of the MANY different announcements made @Ignite is the fact that Microsoft has created a new logo for the Microsoft Azure cloud. The old logo could be described as a cloud with a module connected to it. It wasn’t exceptional, but it was unique to Microsoft Azure. Microsoft released a brand new logo for Microsoft Azure. Not only that! But, Microsoft has released a new “Azure Manifesto” video as well to inspire all of us “change agents” to unlock the power of the cloud!

The new Microsoft Azure logo is a bit more abstract, and it doesn’t include a cloud in it anymore. If you’re familiar with the Microsoft Office icons / logos, then you may recognize a similar style theme. It also forms a letter “A” that obviously represents the name “Azure”.

Along with the new logo comes a new tagline as well:

Azure. Cloud for all.

This isn’t perhaps the biggest news in Microsoft Azure, but it’s still interesting. Any re-branding is interesting, even when it’s just a logo / icon.

I think Microsoft found it important from a commercial standpoint, hat the ‘A’ is visible in the new logo, and of course they can start a new marketing campaign..

What do you think of the new logo?

Source: Microsoft Azure gets a new Logo and a Manifesto – Build Azure


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