Lack of (Business) strategy still very relevant in 2017!


During my work, I often speak to CxO directors and their business. They ask me to guide and coach them in creating a technical roadmap which truly enable their core business.

The last few months I have been working for a end-user company which did not have a vision, mission and strategy. During my work, I asked the CEO for this, so I could align IT Architecture with the company and setup governance to achieve and pursuit these company goals. This was because the CEO asked me to setup Architecture and he wanted his company to work accordingly.  image my surprise when I asked him about his vision, mission and strategy for his company, I did not expect this answer from him. This also a reason for me to leave the company and look further, because no vision or strategy for me means no goals and no future…

In these times, I sometimes wonder off and think about the college Steve Jobs gave, about value and innovation.

In 2017, Interbrand ranked Apple as the number #1 global brand. A great company brand has a greater purpose at its core. It is how you differentiate yourself in a crowded market. Back in 1997 Apple was in a situation as many companies are right now. Thinking about the digital transformation race and their products en how to win and stay ahead.

Sometimes in this ‘race’, businesses forget who they are. Truth is company brands with soul make hearts beat faster. Marketers and business leaders forget this to often.


A Diagram, I often use for my clients, to open the dialog

Remember this?

We are living in a complicated world, a very noisy world….

Watch the video and inspire. it certainly inspires me… Anytime

Steve Jobs vision about marketing strategy


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