Cloud Architect Alliance – New Year reception & Cloud Architect of the Year 2018 award! You don’t want to miss this!

As member of the Cloud Architect Alliance board I wanted to let you know that we will be announcing the Cloud Architect of the Year 2018. Support your community and the nominees J

Cloud Architect Alliance New Year Drinks & Cloud Architect of the Year event on February 15, 2018.

2018 is here, a new year with new opportunities and challenges. We would like to invite you to a New Year’s toast and also one of the heroes from our community will be elected Cloud Architect of the Year for the first time. We reward the work of progressive and visible cloud architects with a heart for the community.

These are the nominees of 2018!


  • Erik Janssens
  • Iko Saadhoff
  • Pinaki Ghatak
  • Shamin Hameed
  • Steyn Huizinga

These cloud architects are nominated by the Cloud Architect Alliance for their contribution to cloud transformations of their organization or that of their customer(s).

We will announce the top 3 nominations during the event on 15th Feb and finally, we will announce the Cloud Architect of the Year 2018! The winner gets a prize and may wear this title for a year and of course, receives the eternal fame in our ‘hall of fame’.

New Year Drinks & Cloud Architect of the Year Event agenda

From 17:00 onwards we will start with the usual walk in with drinks and networking and we will officially welcome you around 18:00.

18:00 we want to toast on 2018 and a sneak preview for upcoming events

19:00 sharp we will present you the Cloud Architect of the Year 2018, based on anonymous nominations, a pitch round and the final voting round across our Board.

We are looking forward welcoming all of you. Drinks and small bites are taking care off but this won’t be a dinner event like the others.

About Cloud Architect Alliance.

The CAA is the leading network event for experienced cloud architects in Europe. We organize high-end events centralized around relevant topics. The CAA organizes 4 events per year with the main goal to share knowledge and exchange experiences among (certified) professional architects. Each event is unique and brings best-in-class content delivered by thought leaders from the industry. As an independent forum, we separate the vendor speak from the real story, hence our participants enjoy highly valued talks while enjoying a top-class dinner at an even better venue. The Cloud Architect Alliance is considered the only forum at this level for this audience. There is no comparable forum as-of-today.

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