Microsoft is going to take the battle with the MSP’s to a higher level


With the announcement of the Microsoft Azure Reserved VM Instances (RIs), Microsoft is competing with the traditional hosted cloud providers (MSP). With this program every Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) comparison for MSP Virtual Machines (VMs) hosting, or in the public cloud, can go straight into the archive… This is why….

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VeeamOn Tour 2017 – Spijkenisse Netherlands Summary

veeam logo

Veeam is touring through the Netherlands and one of these stops was Spijkenisse. I blocked this date in my calendar because as a Blogger and Cloud Evangelist, I wanted to attend. Although I visited VeeamON in New Orleans, I was excited for an update about their upcoming releases and the other topics sounded also very interesting.

VeeamON Tour began with a warm welcome from Lodewijk van Klaveren, Manager Channels Benelux and a strategic overview where Veeam was and where Veeam will be heading in the future. This was held very short to give the audience enough time to hear about all the new technical stuff Veeam will offer in the upcoming release.

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OGD en Equinix kiezen een strategische samenwerking?


OGD ict-diensten gaat een samenwerking aan met datacenterleverancier Equinix. De samenwerking heeft als doel om klanten van OGD eenvoudig toegang te geven tot Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), colocatie en om via Equinix Cloud Exchange directe verbindingen te kunnen leggen met verschillende cloudpartijen, zoals AWS, Azure en Google. OGD gebruikt de technologie van Equinix om hoogwaardige diensten te leveren aan haar klanten. Het eerste project wordt uitgevoerd bij Provincie Gelderland.

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