‘Lift and Shift’ your legacy workloads easily into the big 3?

The “big three” public cloud providers are turning their sights to legacy workloads. It will be interesting to see how customers adopt and deploy VMware on AWS, Azure Stack and, now, Google Nested Virtualization.

One knock on public clouds from Google, Amazon, and even Microsoft is that they are terrific for brand-new software built to take advantage of their resources, but not so great for existing, older business software developed and deployed before the cloud era kicked off 10 years ago.

The cloud players are working to address that issue. Many companies don’t necessarily want to rebuild applications that run just fine so they can move to someone else’s cloud data centers.

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The Revolution Begins: VMware Named a Leader in…

The Revolution Begins: VMware Named a Leader in Inaugural IDC Marketscape for Unified Endpoint Management (UEM)

The Revolution Begins: VMware Named a Leader in…

I’ve been talking for the past month, leading up to VMworld 2017, about how VMware Workspace ONE powered by VMware AirWatch is leading the PC lifecycle management (PCLM) revolution with a modern, real-time, over-the-air approach. And then at VMworld, we announced even more unique Windows 10 PCLM features. Plus, we announced market-leading Mac management capabilities, […]

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VMware Cloud on AWS – Pricing & Packaging

VMware Cloud on AWS – Pricing & Packaging

VMware Cloud on AWS – Pricing & Packaging

VMware Cloud on AWS service is offered in a simple and flexible packaging structure wherein you get VMware’s software capabilities delivered as a service on AWS’s powerful bare-metal infrastructure. Find out more about VMware Cloud Services: http://cloud.vmware.com

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Ensuring Good with VMware AppDefense

VMware AppDefense richt zich op het ‘verzekeren van goede’ ipv ‘chasing the bad’

Ensuring Good with VMware AppDefense

Traditional data center endpoint security products focus on detecting and responding to known bad behavior. There are hundreds of millions of disparate malware attacks, with over a million getting add

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