Ravello on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is General Available!


In the quest for moving workloads to the cloud, many enterprises stall at the first hurdle: How best to migrate workloads to a public cloud where not only the hypervisor technology in use is completely different but so are the network principles? This is especially true for sophisticated and/or distributed workloads that have been around for years and are still running on old infrastructure.

Typically, the process is quite arduous e.g. Discovery, Re-Platform/Conversion, Network Changes etc., while making sure the application still behaves identically and with no performance degradation. Multiply this by the number of applications and you can see why it causes such a headache for enterprises.

Ravello makes it all easy by enabling migration of VMware-based workloads “as is” and even without any changes to networking. This is made possible due to Ravello’s HVX Hypervisor technology which abstracts the hardware, storage, and networking, thereby enabling any VMware workload to seamlessly move to the destination public cloud.

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